Bepanah Pyaar will see Raghbir doing a major sacrifice by forgiving his brother Harshit of the ill doings for the sake of his mother.

Bepanah Pyaar: Raghbir forgives Harshit

Bepanah Pyaar the Colors show produced by Balaji Telefilms will see huge drama as aftermath of Raghbir (Pearl V Puri) catching Harshit (Manoj Chandila) red-handed in office where he would have amassed huge money.

Now, Kunti (Sudha Chandran) will not know what to do and she will start to fake being hysterical.

Raghbir will get all perturbed to see his mother in such a condition and will have two minds to punish Harshit.

As per a reliable source, “Doctor will be summoned with Kunti getting a panic attack after knowing the truth about Harshit. However the fact will be that she will fake it. The doctor will advise that there be a peaceful ambience in the house for Kunti to recover.”

All this will force Raghbir to hug and patch up with Harshit.

Yes, the fact will be that Raghbir will forgive ad forget Harshit’s illegal doings for the sake of Kunti.


Will Raghbir know that Kunti is hand in hand with Harshit in all plans?

We buzzed actors of Bepanah Pyaar but could not get through.

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