&TV’s show Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai (Edit II) is known to make the audiences roll on the floor with laughter at its humorous tracks. The audience saw anger management takes centre stage. While Vibhuti (Aasif Sheikh) discovers that Anger Management courses are a profitable business, he decides to get a fake certificate.

Later, Vibhuti explains to Angoori that there is a lot of anger stored in everyone hence asks her to remove all her anger on Tiwari. Later, when Tiwari writes a poem for Angoori to impress her. Tiwari reads his poem in front of Angoori. Angoori again assumes that Tiwari is insulting her and gets angry.

In the forthcoming episodes, Angoori assumes Tiwari is insulting her via his poem and gets angry. She later kicks him out of the house. Tiwari goes to Vibhuti for help and sleeps at his house. The next morning, Angoori gets angry at Happu. The latter decides to take strict actions against her but Tiwari bribes Happu to forgive Angoori for her actions.

OMG! What will happen next?

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