Check the latest updates of Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai 18th November 2022 written updates S-01 Ep-44: Anita, knowing that David has won his case, becomes greedy to call back David to her house for his money

Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai 18th November 2022 Written Updates S-01 Ep- 1944: Anita Bhabhi Ji Becomes Greedy For David’s Money

Today’s Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai episode starts with a telephone ring. Vibhuti picks up the call and gets notified that David has won the case. Listening to the call, Vibhuti becomes happy and shares with Anita. At the same time, Anita couldn’t believe this. Vibhuti says that, but it’s all in vain now. Anita says they still have time to recover things. Anita goes to Tiwari’s house. Anita greets David by touching his feet. Tiwari Ji, Angoori, and Tiwari get shocked by Anita’s behavior. Anita apologizes and asks David to come back to her house. But Angoori does not want David to go. Also, David feels comfortable here, and Angoori takes care of him.

Tiwari Ji, in his garden, thinks about Anita Bhabhi Ji’s weird behavior towards David and concludes that she is faking it. But why? Vibhuti comes back from the market and meets with Tiwari. Vibhuti asks if Anita has come to take David. Tiwari replies yes and asks the reason why they are taking him back. Vibhuti explains that David has won the case, so they are taking David to take all the money in their bank. After knowing this, Tiwari goes inside the house and decides not to let go of David. While Angoori brings David’s bag, she doesn’t want him to go. Tiwari also stops. But Anita says she has to take him as he is her father-in-law. But David doesn’t want to go, and Angoori cries out of sorrow. Vibhuti argues with Tiwari Ji that he won’t let him go and take him back home. Anita asks Vibhuti why did he tell Tiwari Ji about the lottery. Vibhuti says he didn’t do anything wrong. Anita explains that as Tiwari Ji knows about it, he is not sending David away. Vibhuti realizes his mistake. In comparison, Anita comes up with a plan.

Tiwari Ji and Angoori take care of David. Meanwhile, Vibhuti and Anita come to the door of Tiwari as thieves. Vibhuti points the gun toward everyone and orders them to freeze. Anita also comes in while Vibhuti says that they are here for David. Vibhuti beats Tiwari Ji, while Anita beats him from behind and takes David back to their house. David asks why they did this way. Vibhuti says Anita has something to say. While Anita apologizes and says, she is guilty. Later, David gets a call from his lawyer that all his accounts are seized.

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