Check the latest updates of Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai 16th November 2022 written updates S-01 Ep- 1944: David is hospitalized, While Anita is worried thinking at home

Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai 16th November 2022 Written Updates S-01 Ep- 1944: David Gets A Heart Attack; While Anita Is Worried!

Today’s Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai episode starts with David packing his clothes. While Vibhuti comes in, saying it’s time to do the act now. Then he calls Anita. Anita comes, and Vibhuti informs her that David has packed his bags and will leave now. Anita starts to act sad and upset as he is leaving. Anita and Vibhuti ask David not to forget them. At the same time, David says he can’t forget them as they are like his child. Anita asks if David is upset with her. David says he isn’t, as they are his children. While Vibhuti bids adieu, saying David will marry as soon as possible and write a letter from London. As David gets up to leave, he feels a heart attack. Vibhuti and Anita panicked. Vibhuti calls for help. Saxena comes and asks what happened. Anita explains the situation to Saxena. Saxena says to take David to his Ambulance. Saxena drives rashly while Vibhuti and David feel scared. On the other hand, Anita is worried at home.

Meanwhile, Tiwari Ji comes and asks Anita the reason behind her sadness. Anita shares how David is in hospital, and she can’t look after him, which makes her sad. Tiwari Ji says he can help her as Angoori wants to take care of Bhoore, but he isn’t here. So he asks Anita if he can take David to his home. Anita happily agrees.

David and Vibhuti are at the hospital. Dr. Gupta says David didn’t get a heart attack. Vibhuti shouts and says he has. Dr. Gupta, in anger, says to take him to a heart surgeon, and if he says David got a heart attack, he will burn his degree. Vibhuti explains the matter to Dr. Gupta. In comparison, Dr. Gupta asks what he will get in return. Dr. Gupta says that David, now your both hands are fractured. David asks when this happened. Vibhuti speaks in the Ambulance because of Saxena. Tiwari Ji comes and asks Dr. Gupta about David. Dr. Gupta says David got a hand fracture. Tiwari Ji tells David to come to his house, and he and Angoori will take care of him. David says no. Vibhuti convinces David to say yes so he can also come to his home daily. David agrees.

Tiwari brings David to his home in a wheelchair. Angoori welcomes him and greets him, saying that she will help him. In comparison, Teeka and Tillu come to sell the fruits. Tiwari shouts at them and asks them to leave. Angoori says that she will take the fruits for David. David asks if she will feed him rotten fruits. Angoori says that these fruits are good. Tiwari again shouts at Teeka and Tillu. At the same time, Angoori asks why Tiwari is behaving so selfishly. While Vibhuti and Anita drink together, sitting at the dining table. Anita says that she is feeling relaxed. Also, she asks him to complement her with poetry. Vibhuti beautifully recites poetry. Anita praises Vibhuti’s poetry. In comparison, Vibhuti recalls that he wrote this poem for Angoori Ji. In the end, Anita gets a call from Tiwari Ji; Vibhuti picks up and says that Anita is enjoying drinking wine.

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