Today’s Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai episode starts with Tiwari Ji calling Anita Ji to share that David is sick now as he ate a lot of fruits which caused him diarrhea. Anita says that Tiwari should feel good that he is getting to do good work. In comparison, Tiwari feels frustrated and says to send Vibhuti for help. Anita asks Vibhuti to go for help. At the same time, Vibhuti goes to see David. Tiwari shares that he is annoyed now. David says it’s not his fault. Angoori says that David ate all the fruits by himself. Tiwari tells Vibhuti to take care of David as he is leaving now. Angoori asks David for ‘Haldi dhoodh.’ David agrees to drink. Angoori goes into the kitchen to make the ‘Haldi dhoodh’, while Vibhuti also goes. Vibhuti starts dreaming that he and Angoori Bhabhi Ji are dancing and singing with each other. But in reality, it turns out that Vibhuti was dancing with David. Vibhuti comes out of the dream. In comparison, David asks him to take him to the bathroom.

Angoori feeds David in the garden. David starts to behave weirdly. Angoori asks why he is dancing like that. David says that he is not dancing but feeling itchy. Also that he might need to have a bath. Angoori calls Tiwari Ji to bathe him. Tiwari Ji denies saying that Vibhuti will do. Angoori says he won’t do so then she will bathe him with David. Tiwari agrees to bathe him. While Tiwari Ji is giving a bath to David, he falls. Tiwari Ji asks for help. Saxena sees them and takes them to his Ambulance. Saxena drives rashly, and David and Tiwari Ji feel scared.

When Tiwari comes to Anita Ji’s home, Tiwari Ji shares with Anita Ji that he and Angoori can’t take care of David anymore. Anita Ji says that David is injured and they are behaving like this. Tiwari explains that they can’t take care of David. Anita agrees and thanks Tiwari for his favor. While Angoori is giving David a head massage, Teeka and Tillu come seeking their fruits. Tiwari Ji shouts Teeka and Tillu and says he will bring fruits from the market.

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