Check the latest updates of Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai 15th November 2022 written updates S-01 Ep- 1943: Angoori Bhabhi Ji is badly missing Bhoore and does crazy stuff and shouts

Today’s Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai episode starts with Angoori telling Tiwari Ji that she is missing Bhoore. While Tiwari says she can’t do anything about that if she wants to massage anyone, massage him. On the other hand, Vibhuti, in anger, is ironing Anita’s clothes. Anita comes in and asks if he talked with David. Vibhuti explains that he tried to talk to and make him understand the situation through the story, but Tiwari and Saxena came in. Anita shouts that you are of no good. Vibhuti says he will again talk about the issue with David.

Later, Vibhuti again tries to explain the situation to David through another story. While David thinks, why is he telling him so many stories? Anita again comes and asks Vibhuti about what he is doing. Vibhuti tells Anita to leave as he is talking with David now. And he later continues to explain. While Anita is going somewhere, she meets Saxena and shares she is upset that Vibhuti cannot ask David to leave home. While Saxena says, he will do it for her.

While Vibhuti tries to tell David to leave home, Saxena comes up and tells David to pack his bag and leave, as Anita Bhabhi Ji is fed up with him. Vibhuti shouts at Saxena and tells him to leave. At the same time, Angoori, who is missing Bhoore, does crazy stuff for Bhoore. Tiwari calls Dr. Gupta and shares his problem about Angoori and asks for a solution. Gupta suggests that he should bring one older man like Bhoore so she can serve him, and she will slowly return to normal.

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