The makers (Balaji Telefilms) of Zee TV’s show Bhagya Lakshmi produced can gear up for interesting drama. According to the storyline, Lakshmi, who is present at the scene, saves the nurse. She also learns indirectly that Rishi’s accident was a murder plan against him. Meanwhile, Saloni fears killing Rishi and informs Vikrant of her unsuccessful mission. Soon, Vikrant’s anger intensifies, and he decides to eliminate Rishi himself.

Vikrant instructs Saloni to carry out his orders while he sets off to kill Rishi. Unbeknownst to Vikrant, a twist awaits him as Saloni arrives at the location. To her utter surprise, she finds the police present at the scene. The sudden appearance of the police leaves Saloni in a state of shock.

In the coming episode, Saloni hands Malishka a spiked drink. Malishka consumes the drink and soon feels uneasy and rushes to the washroom. Unbeknownst to her, Vikrant, disguised as a doctor cunningly enters the room. Vikrant attempts to strangle Rishi, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats.

What will happen next? Will Vikrant manage to kill Rishi?

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