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Shehnaz plays Cupid for Eijaz and Pavitra in Bigg Boss 14

Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka Vaar: Shehnaz plays Cupid for Eijaz and Pavitra

The much awaited Weekend Ka Vaar episode with Master Host Salman Khan brought in a lot of unexpected twists in the house. Salman notices the clash between Eijas and Kavita and decides to have the housemates take a call about who among the two is ‘Avashyak’ and ‘Unavashyak’ and stamp their faces with a cross! The house is clearly divided, considering Eijaz is considered as non-essential by Abhinav, Nishant, while Kavita’s face is stamped as non-essential by Pavitra, Rahul , Shardul and Nikki.

Kavita loses her cool and uses the opportunity to point out that the only interactions she had with Eijaz outside the house was because she considered him as a senior industry colleague. She also revealed that Eijaz would feel lonely and to make him feel better, she has also sent him home-cooked food. However, she still does not consider him as a friend. Eijaz and Kavita continue to argue and eventually irk Salman.

Up next, an activity is introduced wherein the housemates have to tag their fellow contestants with the emotions they most resonate wigh. Nikki gets to choose who invokes the feeling of ‘Prem’ for which she elects Jaan. Abhinav is asked to choose the contestant who elicits ‘Krodh’ within him, and he chooses Rahul. Rubina tags Pavitra as the contestant who constantly surprises her and she is unsure whether to trust her or not. Pavitra on the other hand, tags Kavita as someone who she finds disgusting.

On a lighter note, Shehnaz Gill enters the Bigg Boss house and interacts with Salman while reminiscing about the good old days. Shehnaz also decides to play cupid in the house and plays a ‘Prem ka Game’ with Eijaz and Pavitra! At the end of that game, she concludes that there is a strong connection between the duo and decides to send them on a romantic date. The two share a great time and whisper a whole lot of sweet nothings to each other. They even share a romantic dance and confess a lot of good feelings about each other!

What will be the outcome of the ‘Avashyak’ and Unayashak activity? Will Eijaz and Kavita ever make amends? Will Shehnaz’s decision to send Pavitra and Eijaz on a date reignite a journey of love between the two?

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