Bigg Boss 16 the Colors reality show saw controversy and fight erupt when Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia was made the Captain of the house. When Shiv announced her name, Tina Datta flared up and the two of them had a fight. Now, Captain Nimrit has her task cut out as the Bigg Boss wanted her to rank the contestants according to their level of involvement in the house and dealings in the house.

Nimrit returned favours to Shiv and placed him at Rank 1. She gave Abdu Rank 3, and her decision was rebuked by others in the house. Ultimately, Ankit Gupta was given the last rank, that is Rank 11 by Nimrit. She felt that he was least involved in anything that happened in the house.

When Ankit took to the podium to take his Rank 11 spot, he gave a savage reply to Nimrit’s decision. He told that if he is the one who has contributed the least, and in the 9th week, sees himself on the nomination list for the first time, it is a slap on all other contestants’ faces.

Ankit was appreciated and applauded for the classic reply.

Do you think Ankit Gupta deserves to be ranked 11th?