Bigg Boss 16 the Colors controversial show is indeed getting into the tough aspects of breaking good relationships. Priyanka Choudhary and Ankit Gupta who are reportedly dating, have seen the good and the bad happening to them in the show. We have seen them being happy together in the Bigg Boss house. But of late, problems have started to creep up. We saw how Priyanka wept her heart out a few episodes back, upon hearing the comments that other contestants were making about her dominating Ankit.

Now, in one of the tasks, Ankit openly told Bigg Boss that Priyanka never allowed him to talk freely, and always stopped his conversation. Priyanka felt bad about this and threw muddy water all over Ankit’s face. The fight boiled down all the more when Soundarya interfered, and they ended up fighting loudly.

Priyanka tried to justify that she is not the one to play the game. Ankit finally lost his cool and yelled at Priyanka saying, ‘Paagal tumne samaj ke rakha hai’. When Ankit tried to pacify a weeping Priyanka, things went out of control and they ended up fighting again.

Is this the end of their relationship?