The house of COLORS’ ‘Bigg Boss 16’ to witness the reign of three captains for the second time

Last week, COLORS ‘Bigg Boss 16’ paved the way for the reign of three captains for the first time and the new trend of three captains continues this week as well with an office-based task. On the grounds of events of the week, Soundarya Sharma and Vikkas Manaktala have been selected as captains and they will be joined by a co-captain through an interesting task. The task involves an office setup where the bosses of the task, Soundarya and Vikkas will be buttered up as the rest of the contestants pitch themselves as their co-captain and cite two contestants, who don’t deserve captaincy. The master of the house observes that the two (Vikas and Soundarya) are unable to conclude and decide on their co-captain. Hence, Bigg Boss makes it abundantly clear that he doesn’t want the house to be run by indecisive housemates. What follows is a poll contested by Soundarya and Vikkas. It will be interesting to see the emergence of the next three captains of the house.

Yesterday’s food feud involving Archana Gautam continues in tonight’s episode as she refuses to cook chicken for Shalin Bhanot because he didn’t support her entry into the magic library a few days ago. Shalin is upset that she is jeopardizing his health for her revenge. Arguments were exchanged with Archana claiming that Shalin only cares about maintaining his physique and that he should have learned to cook chicken if he meant to have protein every day. Only time will tell if these fights over food will ever end.