Bigg Boss 16 the Colors reality show has seen the best of friends Tina Datta and Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia being at loggerheads. The Captaincy decision further ruined things for the once-friends. As per the discussion that happened between the contestants, Tina Datta was the favourite to become the Captain. However, when Bigg Boss asked Shiv to name the next Captain, he took the name of Nimrit and not Tina.

This enraged Tina a lot. She questioned Shiv about changing his decision. She also asked him whether they had already decided to make Nimrit the captain. She also questioned the house if Nimrit was not fine with her becoming the Captain.

Tina erupted in anger while Nimrit too yelled back. Tina asked Nimrit not to yell, and if needed she too can raise her voice. Tina was again referring to the promise that was made to make her the captain.

Finally, when Tina realized Nimrit’s intentions, she called her a fraud and accused her of betraying her. She also thanked Bigg Boss for helping her see the real face of Nimrit.

Is this the end of Tina and Nimrit’s friendship?