Things heat up in Bigg Boss

Wrongdoings must be punished. If not, it will encourage others and create mayhem until anarchy wears off its tolerance and understanding.

It’s the beginning of a new week, and as the tradition goes, it was time for another round of nominations. This time two friends were paired opposite each other and had to decide who they want to nominate amongst themselves.

A bike with a sidecar was placed in the garden area along with only one helmet. Bigg Boss announced two contestants’ name who had to go the garden area and one had to sit on the bike and the other on the sidecar. They had to unanimously decide who they wanted to nominate and save amongst them within a stipulated time. There would be a crash noise after the time was up and if they were not able to decide then both the contestants would have been nominated. The one who is decided to be safe had to wear the helmet and sit, till the crash noise. The pairs that were chosen were Dipika – Megha, Srishty-Jasleen, Somi-Deepak, Sreesanth-Surbhi and Shivashish-Rohit.  Karanvir was safe from nominations being the Captain for the week and Romil bought the Immunity Ring that helped him to refrain himself from nominations.

Bigg Boss was really upset with the contestants for constantly breaking house rules, even after several warnings. He had extended Rohit’s kaal kothri tenure for trying to escape but Rohit still didn’t learn his lesson. He was caught sleeping even after several warnings.  Bigg Boss asked Karanvir to nominate two people who he thought broke the maximum rules. Karanvir named Sreesanth and Rohit. As a punishment, Bigg Boss sent huge used utensils and plates that both of them had to wash. This further created a rift between Sreesanth and Karanvir.  Although reluctant, both of them had to accept the punishment and finish it.

Will the nomination process create differences amongst friends?

Stay tuned to for more updates on Bigg Boss.

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