Choti Sardaarni will finally see a happy ambience with the news of Meher’s pregnancy getting known to the entire family who decide to throw a party.

Choti Sarrdaarni: Celebration in Gill house for Meher’s pregnancy

Choti Sarrdaarni the Colors show produced by Cockrow and Shaika Entertainment has seen the engrossing episodes of Sarabjit (Avinesh Rekhi) and Meher (Nimrit Kaur) reuniting after their separation track in Serbia.

Now with Sarab taking the big decision of fathering Meher’s child, Meher will be extremely happy.

However, the happiness of little Param (Kevina Tak) will have no limits as he will tell the family about Meher expecting.

As per a reliable source, “In the coming episodes, the family will decide to throw a huge bash to celebrate the moment. It will be a happy ambience and the family will be very happy with Meher expecting.”

Are you excited to watch the happiness of Sarabjit and Meher?

We buzzed actors of Choti Sarrdaarni but could not get through.

Watch this space at for updates.


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