Meher’s dreamy romance with Manav in Choti Sarrdaarni

Choti Sarrdaarni: Meher’s dreamy romance with Manav

Colors show Choti Sarrdaarni, produced by Cockrow and Shaika Entertainment, is serving a lot of drama to its audience.

Recently, the viewers witnessed that Meher and Manav were separated by Kulwant, and she later got Meher married to Sarabjit. However, Manav had kept a few special things with him in a box. The box was with Manav’s father after his death.

Now, after Manav’s father’s death, Manav’s mother gives the box to Meher. Meher opens the box and remembers the special moments spent with Manav. She imagines their lovey dovey romance and happy times.

Do you miss Manav and Meher’s moments?

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