Choti Sarrdaarni will see a new twist with Dr Aditi and Vikram Deewan knowing each other.

Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler Alert: Dr Aditi and Vikram Deewan’s ‘intriguing’ connect

Choti Sarrdaarni the popular Colors show produced by Cockrow and Shaika Entertainment will see huge drama with the entry of a new character!!

Well, Vikram Deewan will come in to torment Sarabjit (Avinesh Rekhi) and Meher’s (Nimrit Kaur) lives.

Actor Hitesh Bhardwaj as per the promo plays the part of Vikram Deewan. The viewers will be intrigued as there will be a thought of him being Manav.

Is he really Manav? Only time will tell.

As of now, viewers will be shocked to see a connect between Dr. Aditi (Drashtii Grewal) and Vikram.

As we know, Aditi has been trying to harm Meher and Param. She is having some kind of vengeance, but the reason for it is not known.

As per a reliable source, “Dr Aditi and Vikram will know each other. There will be a suspense involved of whether Aditi is the girlfriend of Vikram or both of them have their individual scores to settle against the Gill family.”

Gear up for the intriguing track ahead.

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Watch this space at for updates.

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