Choti Sarrdaarni the Colors show produced by Cockrow and Shaika Entertainment has seen Rajveer (Mahir Pandhi) struggling to confess his love to Seher (Nimrit Kaur). Seher has also realized that Rajveer loves her and is waiting for that big moment when he will confess his love for her.

However, Rajveer finds it tough to let out his love feelings before Seher. Rajveer will visit the Gurudwara to seek divine help in his love confession. He will plead to Waheguru to show him a way. He will see Param and Karan at the Gurudwara and will ask them about the love story of Sarabjit and Meher.

Rajveer will be inspired by listening to how pure and divine the love of Sarabjit and Meher was. This will give him the courage to confess his love.

As we know, Kulwant Kaur who has turned aggressive and has lost her mental stability is very much needed now to safeguard Seher. Badi Bi is trying to get Kulwant back in Seher’s life.

Will Rajveer feel inspired to confess love?