Choti Sarrdaarni the Colors show produced by Cockrow and Shaika Entertainment has seen the shocking development that has changed the life of the love boy Rajveer (Mahir Pandhi). As we know, Rajveer loved Seher (Nimrit Kaur), but the shocking development of his sister Harshdeep involved in the murder of Kunal, shattered Rajveer.

In order to save his Dida, he took the blame on himself and was arrested. However, now with him being proven innocent, Rajveer came back to confront his Dida and broke all ties with her.

Though Rajveer loves Seher a lot, he feels responsible for ruining her life. Hence Rajveer has decided to stay away from the love of his life as punishment.

On the other hand, Seher is determined to win back Rajveer’s love. In the coming episode, Seher will confess her love for Rajveer. But Rajveer will be adamant and will refuse to accept her love.

Will Seher go through the journey of winning back Rajveer?