Devanshi and Vardsn to get married in a dramatic situation.

Devanshi to marry ‘handicapped’ Vardan in Colors’ Devanshi

Loyal viewers of Colors’ Devanshi (Full House Media) are in for a major shock in the upcoming episode.

As seen so far, Vardan (Mudit Nayar) and Devanshi’s (Helly Shah) marriage preparation are in full swing.

However, Devanshi’s life will take a major turn wherein before, the nuptial vows, her groom Vardan will meet with a major accident.


Furthermore, if sources are to be believed, Vardan will become handicapped after the unfortunate incident. Here, Devanshi will have to take a tough decision.

Devanshi will take a huge step and will decide to marry a vegetable Vardan. In a dramatic display of love and a clinching scene scripted by the creatives, Devanshi will wed Vardan by taking him on his lap.


What will happen next? Will this marriage change Devanshi’s life?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t reach Helly for a comment.

The track definitely deserves a dekko.

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