Divya Drishti: Pishachini to trap Divya and Drishti

High voltage drama in Star Plus’ Divya Drishti

Divya Drishti: Pishachini to trap Divya and Drishti

Star Plus show Divya Drishti produced by B.P. Singh’s Fireworks Productions and Mukta Dhond will see high drama in store for the loyal viewers in the coming episode.

Audience is aware that Pishachini (Sangita Ghosh) is trying to find out about Divya’s (Nyra Banerjee) sister Drishti’s (Sana Sayyad) who has the power to see the future.

Now, in the coming episode, Pishachini will trap Divya and tie her. She will try to torture her. Pishachini’s motive behind this drama would be finding out Divya’s sister. In the process, Drishti will learn that Divya is trapped and she will come to save her. However, Drishti will also be trapped by the evil lady. The two ladies will fight with each other. During the tussle, Drishti will snatch Pishachini’s locket which has all powers.

What will happen next? Will Pishachini manage to get the locket back?

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We called the actors but they were busy shooting.

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