Colors’ new show Doree, produced by Jay Productions is ruling hearts with interesting storylines. As seen so far, Doree notices Mansi unconscious and prays to god. In the meantime, Agni is impressed by Doree’s Aarti, only to find no one behind her but an unconscious Mansi. Doree applies ointment to Mansi, sharing a mother-daughter moment. On the other hand, Maai confuses Nani with Ganga’s photo and learns Ganga is her son but before she can approach Doree, Kailashi reveals she killed Ganga and knocks Maai unconscious.

Mansi and Doree sit together wherein the latter reveals to Mansi about Kailashi’s secret. Soon, the two join hands and Mansi returns to the haveli. Anand tries to stop her but Mansi mentions that the haveli belongs to her as well. Mansi comes to her room and open the bag in which she had hidden Doree. Mansi hides Doree in the room and the two decide to execute their plan against Kailashi.

In the coming episode, Doree and Mansi go to Thakur sahab and the latter asks him whether he was talking about Kailashi’s doppelganger. While Thakur is about to confess the truth, Kailashi comes near the room. Mansi and Doree overhear Kailashi and get shocked. Mansi fears about Doree getting caught by Kailashi.

The social drama ‘Doree’ traces the story of a six-year-old girl named Doree, who lives with her foster father, Ganga Prasad (role essayed by Amar Upadhyay) in the Bunkar mohalla, Varanasi. While Ganga Prasad counts himself lucky to have a daughter, the ruler of Varanasi’s handloom empire, Kailashi Devi Thakur deems daughters as unworthy. Set against the backdrop of Varanasi, the makers decided to shoot few sequences in the holy city of Varanasi.