Doree the Colors show produced by Jay Productions will see Kailashi Devi assigning Ganga Prasad with the big task of making unique saree designs. Read the news here.

Doree Spoiler: Kailashi Devi assigns Ganga Prasad with a big task

Doree the Colors show produced by Jay Productions has seen Doree’s (Mahi Bhanushali) tactful dealing, getting employment not only for her father Ganga Prasad (Amar Upadhyay), but also for all in the Bankar Mohalla. We saw how Doree dealt with Kailashi Devi (Sudha Chandran) and forced her to agree to the deal. As we know, Kailashi Devi had no option as she had to deliver unique saree designs to the clients in a day’s time.

However, Kailashi Devi got offended and vowed to seek revenge soon. We saw how Ganga got dressed in a suit to go to the Solhah Singaar Shop and start his work. Doree too accompanied him to Kailashi Devi’s shop.

The coming episode will see Doree and Ganga entering the shop and meeting Kailashi in her own cabin. Kailashi will bite her teeth and allow the entry of Ganga and Doree into her cabin.

She will show the various zari threads and will tell Ganga that he has to design Banarasi saree with its work being unique and never seen before. Ganga will agree and gear up for the task.

Doree Ep 14 23rd November Written Episode Update

Mansi got to know that her daughter was alive and that the lady who was given the child to kill it, did not kill her. Mansi was determined to find her child.

Will Ganga succeed in making wonderful designs?

The social drama ‘Doree’ traces the story of a six-year-old girl named Doree, who lives with her foster father, Ganga Prasad (role essayed by Amar Upadhyay) in the Bunkar mohalla, Varanasi. While Ganga Prasad counts himself lucky to have a daughter, the ruler of Varanasi’s handloom empire, Kailashi Devi Thakur deems daughters as unworthy. Set against the backdrop of Varanasi, the makers decided to shoot few sequences in the holy city of Varanasi.