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There will be huge drama as Adhiraj will decide to spend his first night with his newly-wed, Devi in the Zee TV show.

‘First night’ drama in Zee TV’s Jeet Gayi Toh Piya Morre

Zee TV’s fabulously presented adaptation of the popular tale of Beauty and the Beast, Jeet Gayi Toh Piya Morre (Jay Productions) has been engrossing the audiences with its intense twists!!

With Devi (Yesha Rughani) getting forcefully wedded to Adhiraj (Krrip Kapur Suri), the show is seeing some interesting high points.

In the coming episodes, the first night of the newly-weds will be shown wherein huge drama will happen.

Even though Adhiraj will be in no mood to spend a night with Devi, he will be instigated to the core by Urmi (Sapna Thakur). With Urmi orchestrating the first night to happen and also showing Adhiraj the way, he will get into his room with an intention of forcing himself on Devi.

Meanwhile, Devi will have no such intentions of getting closer to Adhiraj. However, she will be in for a huge shock when she will see Adhiraj trying to get closer to her.

Will Devi succumb to Adhiraj’s forceful moves?

We buzzed the artists but could not get through to them.

Watch this space for more updates.

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