Murder attempt on Dhanak in Gathbandhan

Gathbandhan: Murder attempt on Dhanak

Colors show Gathbandhan produced by Jay Productions is leaving no stone unturned to entertain viewers with its gripping storyline. The high voltage drama is keeping viewers hooked to the ongoing episodes.

We earlier reported about an accident sequence where Dhanak will get hurt on her head and there would be massive blood loss due to which she will be unconscious. There would be a panic situation in the chawl. Later, the loving husband Raghu will carry her away to the hospital instead of waiting for the ambulance.

Later, Dhanak’s operation will cost a lot of money hence Raghu will perform a fire stunt to get the money. Dhanak will get saved and would be recovering. She will return home and would confess that she can never stop loving him. Raghu and Maayi will have an intense conversation wherein Maayi will ask him to choose between Dhanak and Maayi. He would choose Mayi. The lady will make him promise that he will get married to Maaya. Raghu would agree for the same. However, in front of Maaya, he will tell her that he will marry her but will not be able to love her.

On the other hand, Raghu will share a moment with Dhanak wherein he will confess that he will never stop loving her but he has chosen Maayi and would want her to disappear from his life.

Now, in the coming drama, Raghu will be getting ready for marriage. On the other hand, Dhanak will take Maaya to the parlor and lock her but Sakhu will come and rescue Maaya. Mahinder and Sejal will try to catch them.

Meanwhile, Savitri will call Dhanak at an isolated place and then try to kill her but she would slip and fall down. Dhanak will take her to the hospital.

We buzzed artists but could not get through to them.

Watch this space for more updates.

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