Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin the Star Plus show produced by Cockrow and Shaika Entertainment has seen engaging drama with Ishaan (Shakti Arora) and Savi (Bhavika Sharma) being forced to perform the Haldi Kumkum puja as the newlyweds. Both of them refused to take part in the ritual, but Surekha remained adamant that the puja should happen in the presence of her friends. Surekha called Reeva to convince Ishaan and Savi for the ritual. Reeva did so, and Ishaan and Savi came down for the puja.

The coming episode will see Savi performing the Haldi Kumkum puja. Savi will be asked to take certain marital vows about fulfilling her duties as the daughter-in-law of the house and as a wife. She will take the vows, but when it will come to getting a kid from the marriage, she will refuse to say so and will open up the truth.

When the pundit will compel her to take the vow of being a mother soon, Savi will refuse. She will tell the people present that she is in the house only till her Harinee Tai gets well and that she does not consider this marriage as a lifetime happening in her life. Surekha will be embarrassed in front of her friends. Ishaan will be shocked to hear Savi’s words.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Ep 1144 5th March Written Episode Update

Surekha got worried when Savi and Ishaan refused to take part in a post-wedding ritual as a couple.

What will happen next?

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin which had Neil Bhatt, Ayesha Singh and Aishwarya Sharma playing the leads had a successful run. The Jodi of SaiRat got famous. Now, the show has taken its generation leap and with it, the leads are changed. Shakti Arora, Bhavika Sharma and Sumit Singh play the leads. Bhavika Sharma playing Savi Virat Chavan.