Check out Dangal TV's popular show Har Bahu Ki Yahi Kahani Sasumaa Ne Meri Kadar Na Jaani's latest episode number 58 spoiler, where Pallavi and Arnav get arrested.

Har Bahu Ki Yahi Kahani Sasumaa Ne Meri Kadar Na Jaani Episode 58 Spoiler: Pallavi And Arnav Get Arrested

In Dangal TV‘s popular show Har Bahu Ki Yahi Kahani Sasumaa Ne Meri Kadar Na Jaani, viewers are witnessing intense drama. Now, you will see that Pallavi calls Arnav, but Arnav gets drunk and ignores her call. Then Shiva comes to Pallavi and says that he will find Arnav. Pallavi stops him and leaves herself to search for Arnav.

On the other hand, a person in the bar, after watching Pallavi’s photo, asks Arnav to bring her there. This angers Arnav, and he starts fighting with that man. While Pallavi waits for the auto, the goons in the bar beat Arnav, and one of them tries to harm him with a broken glass bottle. Pallavi intervenes and saves Arnav from them, but policemen come and put Pallavi and Arnav behind bars.

Soon, Babli Devi and Purshottam Shastri come to the jail and bash them. Pallavi requests Purshottam Shastri to free Arnav, but he denies doing so. Later at home, Babli Devi also requests to get Arnav free from jail, which he denies. Hearing this, Babli Devi gives some money to Shiva and asks him to free Arnav. Shiva also demands to set Pallavi free, but Babli Devi denies hearing this. Shiva decides to get Pallavi out of jail.

Soon, Shiva gets Arnav and Pallavi out of jail. While drunk, Arnav is about to get hit by a vehicle, but Pallavi saves him. They both fall on the ground, and a romantic scene is created. Later, somehow, Pallavi reaches home with Arnav. Arnav’s presence at home makes Babli Devi happy.

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