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Zara and Azra to get Rizwan out of the jail in Ishq Subhan Allah

Ishq Subhan Allah: Zara and Azra to get Rizwan out of the jail

Something fascinating awaits for all the readers of popular Zee TV show Ishq Subhan Allah. The creative genius from the master storyteller Dheeraj Kumar harped on the idea of triple talaaq, which immediately caught the attention of the masses, taking it high on the rating meter.

Creative Eye, the production house, is further pushing the paddle. Gear up, all loyal viewers, to witness enthralling drama in the forthcoming episode which will leave you startled and surprised.

Let us come to the core of the plot. Recently, audiences saw, Zara and Azra playing in the rains and enjoying the romantic season of monsoon. Meanwhile, Kabeer watched them while they mirthfully dance under the rains. Later, Azra wanted Kabeer to join in. However, Zara told that Kabeer won’t come in the rains as he doesn’t like it. To Zara’s shock, Kabeer joined them later.

As per the plot, Rukhsaar returned to bring trouble for Zara (Eisha Singh) and Kabeer (Adnan Khan). Post-Rukhsaar’s entry, audience also witnessed Rizwan aka Ankit Vyas getting back to the show.

In the forthcoming episode, hold your breath for this information will shock you. The audience will notice Zara and Azra getting Rizwan out of the jail. Furthermore, they will request him to get the information about the ‘golden gloves sahab’ who instructed to shoot Zara outside the Sharia board premises.

Indeed, intriguing.

So, what will happen next? Will Rizwan help Zara? Will Zara manage to find the real culprit?  Your guess is as good as ours.

To get more information on the story, we reached out to the actors, however, they remained unavailable for comment.

But we assure to update the space soon with more interesting stuff.

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