Jhanak the Star Plus television show produced by Leena Gangopadhyay’s Magic Moments Productions has seen engaging drama with Jhanak’s wedding being the focus. As we know, Aniruddh (Krushal Ahuja) has been angry at Jhanak (Hiba Nawab) for wasting her talent and agreeing to marry and settle in life. Meanwhile, Jhanak was insecure when she could not see the face of her groom clearly. She refused to marry owing to past dreadful experiences.

We also wrote about Jhanak refusing to marry and validating her statement by unveiling the groom’s covered face. All were shocked to see Tejas sitting as the groom. Jhanak told all that this was the reason why she was fearing to wed the man without seeing the face.

The upcoming episode will see Tejas being asked by the Bose family to marry Jhanak by force. Aniruddh will try to stop the wedding, which will enrage Tejas. He will point fingers at Aniruddh and will create the noise of something brewing between Aniruddh and Jhanak.

Tejas will say that Aniruddh and Jhanak share a bond and that is very much visible. Tejas will start the gossip about the kind of relationship that Aniruddh and Jhanak, which will force even Aniruddh’s family to think about it.

Jhanak Ep 149 17th April Written Episode Update

Jhanak refused to marry the man with the covered face. She cited a fear and suspicion to be the reason for her decision.

What will happen next?

Writer, director and producer Leena Gangopadhyay who has given several hit Bengali TV shows comes out with her first original Hindi show titled Jhanak. Actors Krushal Ahuja, Chandni Sharma and Hiba Nawab will play the leads in the show. The show is produced by Magic Moments Productions and will air on Star Plus. The show also has Kajal Pisal, Dolly Sohi, Sanjay Gandhi, Bharat Kaul, Sunny Sachdeva, Sachin Verma playing the main characters.