Jhanak the Star Plus show produced by Leena Gangopadhyay’s Magic Moments Productions has seen engaging drama with Jhanak (Hiba Nawab) being at the receiving end after Bipasha exposed her identity in front of everyone. Jhanak was questioned by one and all about her intention behind serving Aniruddh and being in the house, even when they did not want her.

Aniruddh (Krushal Ahuja) also showed his anger and dissent at Jhanak by telling her that he was not ready to send her out of the house, as she could easily defame them by throwing a legal charge on them. Aniruddh ordered that Jhanak would remain in the house till the time they got legally well-backed up.

The coming episode will see the Bose family getting split into two with Bablu and Chhoton siding with Jhanak. Apu will also side with Jhanak while the others in the family will be on the other side.

After the Puja and the drama, Srishti will throw up another googly at Jhanak by telling her that she sports to be a married woman, but none of them has ever seen her husband. She will tell that nobody takes the call on the number provided to her. Jhanak will give a cold reply stating that nobody will ever take the call and the reason for which will be explained clearly by Aniruddh.

All eyes will be on Aniruddh yet again.

Jhanak Ep 95 23rd February Written Episode Update

Aniruddh questioned Jhanak about who gave her the right to pray for him and even serve him.

How will Aniruddh handle this?

Writer, director and producer Leena Gangopadhyay who has given several hit Bengali TV shows comes out with her first original Hindi show titled Jhanak. Actors Krushal Ahuja, Chandni Sharma and Hiba Nawab will play the leads in the show. The show is produced by Magic Moments Productions and will air on Star Plus. The show also has Kajal Pisal, Dolly Sohi, Sanjay Gandhi, Bharat Kaul, Sunny Sachdeva, Sachin Verma playing the leads.