Amar pleads with Elahi to accept Jordan and marry him for her good future. Elahi is forced to accept the alliance and she decides to marry him in Colors show Junooniyatt

Junooniyatt spoiler: Elahi to marry Jordan 814501

Junooniyatt, the Colors show produced by Dreamiyata Entertainment, has seen quite a lot of drama happening in last week. According to the storyline, Elahi urges Jahaan to prove his innocence and regain their freedom to be together. Elahi returns to Amar and assures him that Jahaan will provide evidence to clear his name. Just as Jahaan waits outside, he receives a devastating call about his parents’ accident in Canada, leaving him in shock.

Jahaan, in a rush to leave for Canada, forgets his phone at home and cannot inform Elahi. When Elahi returns to meet him and tell her father’s approval to Jahaan, she discovers Jahaan’s absence. Lost and helpless amidst the heavy rain, Elahi searches for Jahaan in her wedding attire. She nearly meets with an accident, but Jordan arrives just in time to rescue her. Elahi blames Jordan for orchestrating everything, but Jordan shows her footage of Jahaan at the airport, ready to leave India.

In the coming episode, Elahi returns home with a broken heart as her marriage with Jahaan gets cancelled. However, Mahi manipulates Amar and asks him to consider Jordan for Elahi. Amar comes to speak to his daughter. He pleads with Elahi to accept Jordan and marry him for her good future. Elahi is forced to accept the alliance, and she decides to marry him.

OMG! Will Jahaan learn about Jordan and Elahi’s wedding?

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