Maheep slaps Jahaan, revealing that he framed Jordan in a false drug possession case for revenge against his parents and the Mehta family in Colors show Junooniyatt

Junooniyatt spoiler: Maheep accuses Jahaan for framing Jordan in false drug possession case 813394

Junooniyatt, the Colors show produced by Dreamiyata Entertainment, has always entertained audiences with intriguing storylines. As per the plot, a team of police enters the venue with Jordan’s arrest warrant. The latter gets shocked and tries to speak to the police. However, the inspector arrests Jordan and takes Jordan along with him.

The Mayya ceremony of Jahaan and Elahi begins. Elahi envisions her mother, Diljyot, appearing and applying turmeric paste to her. Bua shares the Mayya ceremony with Maheep via video call, and Maheep vows to end everything soon, adding an air of anticipation. Later, Jahaan makes a secret plan to meet Elahi before the wedding. Jahaan manages to sneak into the house and visits Elahi’s room, where they share beautiful moments and exchange heartfelt gifts. Bua and Husna try to call Elahi for the ceremony, but they find the room locked.

In the coming episode, as everyone gathers for Elahi’s chooda ceremony, Jahaan hides and observes from a distance. Elahi, dressed as a bride, imagines her mother placing the dupatta on her head, bringing joy and sadness. Meanwhile, Maheep prepares for her final move and heads to the wedding. Watching the ceremonies from jail, Jordan fakes a panic attack to leave. Just as Jahaan is about to take Elahi to the mandap, Maheep suddenly slaps him, revealing that Jahaan framed Jordan in a false drug possession case for revenge against his parents and the Mehta family.

Will Jahaan find out about the family he was looking for?

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