Sony TV’s Haasil (Alchemy Productions) has been creating lot of intrigue with its ongoing drama!!

The loyal viewers of the show will soon be in for a new dose of exciting drama!!

Saarika Raichand (Sheeba Akashdeep), as per the ongoing track is not ready to accept Aanchal (Nikita Dutta) as Kabir’s wife and instead selects Naina for Kabir (Vatsal Sheth).

In the days to come, Ranvir (Zayed Khan) will manage to convince Sarika about Aanchal. But as things will begin to move forward, the priest will disclose that Aanchal’s horoscope has some flaws wherein it is fated for her first husband to die. On hearing this, Kabir will try to manipulate the situation and force the priest to come up with a solution.

Meanwhile a secret messenger will connect with Aanchal to inform her about Kabir’s misdoings leaving clues for her to know. However, Kabir and Aanchal will get together to trace down this secret messenger and plot a press conference to announce their fake engagement. But tables will soon turn on Kabir when Aanchal will suddenly slap him in front of all present for the conference. Soon after Kabir will realize his underlying feeling for Aanchal and will truly fall in love with her.

What would have led Aanchal to turn against Kabir? Is this the love for keeps for Kabir or a new ploy set up to enrage Aanchal?

Watch this space for more updates.