Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye the Zee TV show produced by Mukta Dhond’s Malhar Content Creators has seen Virat (Arijit Taneja) and Amruta (Sriti Jha) being at loggerheads with each other, with many misunderstandings being created between them. As we know, Virat felt that Amruta got the fact of him being a divorcee leaked. Virat in return, halted the engagement of Amruta. Now, Virat has this big misconception that Amruta has stolen huge money of 10 crore from his account. But he is not aware of the truth.

We saw Virat giving Amruta a fair chance of escaping from punishment in the jail by accepting her crime and apologizing to him in public. However, Amruta stood her ground as she was innocent and did not want to take a blame that she has not committed.

The coming episode will see Amruta pleading before the judge to give her some time to find out what has happened and why she is being framed. She will plead to be innocent and will want the court to give her time to look into the matter.

The judge will ask her to submit money of 10 lakhs which will grant her a bail.

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye Ep 90 27th February Written Episode Update

The court case of Amruta began. Virat gave a chance to Amruta to apologize for the crime, and he promised to halt the case.

How will Amruta arrange for the money?

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye, is the Zee TV show produced by Mukta Dhond’s Malhar Content Creators. The show will see the return of Sriti Jha as the lead after her successful stint with Kumkum Bhagya. Arijit Taneja who was also in Kumkum Bhagya, will play the male lead in the show. Amrita will believe in love and marriage, but Virat will not be a person believing in such emotions.