Star Bharat’s recently launched show Kartik Purnima has managed to keep the audience hooked with various twists and turns. In the upcoming episode, there will be a big revelation during Purnima (played by Poulomi Das) and Vicky’s (played by Rohit Chaudhary) wedding.

Audience will witness Vicky getting exposed in front of Kartik. Kartik finds out that Vicky is a fraud and is marrying Purnima only for his selfish gains. Kartik’s gets worried about Purnima’s life getting spoiled forever. When Vicky finds out that Kartik already knows his truth. He openly challenges Kartik to stop his and Purnima’s wedding.

The audience will soon witness a high voltage drama in the upcoming episodes of the show. It will be interesting to watch how Kartik gathers evidence against Vicky and stop Purnima’s wedding. Will Kartik be able to stop Purnima’s wedding? Will Purnima trust Kartik and not get married to Vicky?