Interesting twist Colors’ Swabhimaan…

Khyati and Vishal to get married in Colors’ Swabhimaan

The maker (Rajshri Production) of Colors’ popular show Ek Shringaar Swabhimaan is churning out interesting episodes for its loyal viewers.

Audience will witness high-voltage drama wherein NK (Vinay Jain) will come to stop Khyati (Ashika Bhatia) and Vishal’s (Karan Singhmar) wedding.

NK will oppose Khyati’s marriage with Vishal and would ask his guards to keep a watch on her. Later, Naina (Ankita Sharma) and Meghna (Sangeita Chauhan) will decide help Khyati.

Later, Naina will decide to distract NK by triggering a fire alarm. Meanwhile, Khyati and Vishal would arrive at the temple to get married. Everyone from the Chauhan family except NK will be present at the venue. However, NK will arrive with the police to stop the wedding from happening. But he will fail to stop the marriage.

Will NK accept Vishal in the family?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t connect with the actors to solicit a comment.

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