Krishna Mohini the Colors television show produced by Boyhood Productions has seen engaging drama with Aryaman (Fahmaan Khan) filling the hairline of Krishna (Debattama Saha) with vermillion in the accident that happened. Aryaman was protecting and trying to safeguard Krishna when a vermillion box from his hand, opened and filled up Krishna’s hairline. The villagers demanded Aryaman to marry Krishna. However, Krishna helped Aryaman flee from the place as she saw it only as an accident and did not want him to suffer.

As we know, Krishna is now being forced to marry Pinkesh. The upcoming episode will see Mohan (Ketaki Kulkarni) rebelling and trying to save his sister from the marriage. But both Krishna and Mohan will be caught and Krishna will have no option but to marry Pinkesh.

At this juncture, Aryaman will come back again, and will try to save Krishna. He will tell Pinkesh and the villagers that he was the one who put sindoor on Krishna and that he should be taken to task, and not Krishna.

Aryaman will tell all that in his presence, nobody can force Krishna to marry Pinkesh.

Krishna Mohini Ep 21 19 May Written Episode Update

Krishna sent Aryaman out of the problem situation, saying that she would handle her fate. Aryaman came out of the scenario, but felt bad for leaving her alone.

What will happen now?

Embodying the timeless virtues of Lord Krishna as a ‘saaRthi‘ and margdarshak to Arjun, the 21-year-old Krishna portrays the role of a ‘saaRthi’ to her brother Mohan. Her journey epitomizes resilience and support, showcasing the enduring power of familial bonds. This voyage is not merely a tale of a sister serving as a steadfast guiding force in his journey, but it also anchors the journey of Krishna who is destined to meet Aryaman. The show is set in Dwarka. It stars Debattama Saha as Krishna, Ketaki Kulkarni as Mohan, and Fahmaan Khan as Aryaman.