Krishna Mohini the Colors television show produced by Boyhood Productions has seen engaging drama with Aryaman (Fahmaan Khan) facing a backlash from his family as well as the media personnel, for marrying Krishna (Debattama Saha). As we know, the family has organized a press meet wherein Aryaman and Krishna will be introduced as a couple. Arya talks about this meet with Krishna and makes her understand that it is important for the family. Krishna feels that Arya thinks about her even after hearing to so many scoldings from the family.

The upcoming episode will see Aryaman talking to Krishna about a grooming session that has been planned for her before the big event. Aryaman will tell Krishna that she need not go through it if she does not want to. However, Krishna will agree to go through a makeover. She will be groomed with good makeup, dresses and will even be asked to practice walking with high heels to match the height of Aryaman.

Mohan will try to teach his sister basic English. However, Aryaman will tell Krishna to just be herself. Krishna will be tense, but Aryaman will motivate her and will tell her that he will be there for her, every second.

Krishna Mohini Ep 29 27th May Written Episode Update

The Mehtas were worried about the media creating a ruckus over the silence over Aryaman’s wedding. They decided to organize a press meet to introduce Aryaman and Krishna, as the newlyweds.

What will happen at the event?

Embodying the timeless virtues of Lord Krishna as a ‘saaRthi‘ and margdarshak to Arjun, the 21-year-old Krishna portrays the role of a ‘saaRthi’ to her brother Mohan. Her journey epitomizes resilience and support, showcasing the enduring power of familial bonds. This voyage is not merely a tale of a sister serving as a steadfast guiding force in his journey, but it also anchors the journey of Krishna who is destined to meet Aryaman. The show is set in Dwarka. It stars Debattama Saha as Krishna, Ketaki Kulkarni as Mohan, and Fahmaan Khan as Aryaman.