Kulfi Kumar Bajewala will see new drama with Sikander being arrested in Pakistan. Read details.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Spoiler Alert: Sikander to be arrested by Pakistani cops

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala the popular Star Plus show produced by Gul Khan and Nilanjana Purkayasstha has seen Kulfi’s (Aakriti Sharma) struggle to get to Kartarpur after reaching Pakistan soon after she was thrown into the river in the bus accident.

As we know, simpleton singer in Pakistan, Tuntuna Khan (Aru K Verma) has been helping Kulfi in reaching Kartarpur where she wants to seek answers by praying at the Gurudwara.

Meanwhile, Sikander (Mohit Malik) even while battling his disease jumped into the same river where Kulfi got drowned in order to reach her. He has also entered Pakistan and is looking for Kulfi.

At this juncture in the story line, Sikander who is desparately hunting for his daughter will come in the eye of Pakistani police and he will be questioned.

As per a reliable source, “Sikander will be arrested for being an illegal immigrant in the foreign land.”


What will happen now? Will Sikander meet Kulfi before time will take its course?

We buzzed actors of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala but could not get through for comment.

Watch this space at IWMBuzz.com for updates.

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