Karan’s ROMANTIC moment with Preeta in Zee TV show Kundali Bhagya

Kundali Bhagya spoiler alert: Karan’s ROMANTIC moment with Preeta

Zee TV show Kundali Bhagya produced by Balaji Telefilms is winning accolades for its content and performances in the recent track.

The audience is aware that Akshay smartly calls off the wedding with Kritika to save himself from confessing his wrongdoings. He blames it all on Preeta and Karan begins to believe the same.

Later, during Sarla and Kareena’s argument, Karan questions Preeta’s decisions. Sarla takes Preeta home when she finds that nobody trusts her accusations against Akshay. However, Karan and Preeta get bitter towards the people around them as they miss each other.

Now, in the coming episode, Karan stands on the balcony of his room and misses Preeta. Soon, she hugs him from behind. The two have a conversation and soon, they hug each other and forget their sorrows.

Will they reunite or is this a dream?

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