Zee TV’s popular show Kundali Bhagya has seen major ups and downs in the past few days, with Anshuman trying to steal Karan’s property. According to the plot, Nidhi provokes Shaurya (Baseer Ali) against Preeta (Shraddha Arya) while Anshuman’s goons attack Luthra’s house. The goons manage to trap Shaurya, Rajveer (Paras Kalnawat), and Sandy as hostages. But fighting with the goons, Karan (Shakti Anand) saves everyone. However, the goons put a noose on Preeta’s neck, hanging her in the hall.

In the upcoming episode, you will see nail-biting drama when Karan finds Preeta hanging in the hall room. The goons put Peeta in a critical situation to bring all the housemates into the hall room, and they succeed in their plan. But Shaurya, Rajveer, and Karan beat the goons in anger. While everyone was busy handling the goons, a few men kidnapped Preeta to threaten them later. Palki notices that Preeta is missing, which leaves Rajveer and others worried.

On the other hand, Anshuman shakes hands with Varun. He plans to threaten the Luthra family under Varun’s name, and everything will be easy as they are together. However, nobody is aware of the truth that Varun and Anshuman are together. It will be interesting to see how Karan, Shaurya, and Rajveer will save Preeta.

Starring Paras Kalnawat, Adrija Roy, and Baseer Ali as the second-generation leads, the show chronicles the love story of Shraddha Arya and Shakti Anand (first-generation leads), filled with ups and downs.