Maati Se Bandhi Dor the Star Plus television show produced by Sobo Films has seen Vaiju (Rutuja Bajwe) facing challenges as she is forced by Jaya to stay in the Patil house to take care of her, even while arrangements for Jaya’s wedding with Ranvijay is happening at the house. Initially, Ranvijay (Ankit Gupta) ordered Vaiju to leave his home. However, when Jaya (Resham Merchant) cried for his sister to stay back, Ranvijay had no option but to ask Vaiju to stay back to care for Jaya.

The upcoming episode will focus on Ranvijay and Jaya’s engagement. The track will be all the more emotional as Vaiju will not be able to handle the closeness of Ranvijay with Jaya. As we know, Vaiju and Ranvijay got married forcibly in the village. But nobody has been aware of this happening.

In the episode to come, Ranvijay will be seen in a romantic mood, singing and dancing for his lady love. Jaya will also reciprocate to Ranvijay’s showering of immense love. All these lovey-dovey scenes will make Vaiju extremely uncomfortable.

Video Courtesy: IWMBuzz

What will happen?

Set against the backdrop of Kolhapur, Maharashtra, the Star Plus show Maati Se Bandhi Dor depicts the struggles and journey of Vaiju, who works in the fields to earn money and support her family. But destiny has some other plans. Vaiju is family-oriented, hardworking, and visionary, and she aims to uplift her lifestyle and work towards the betterment of the village. The Star Plus show Maati Se Bandhi Dor will showcase the emotional turmoil of Vaiju, who struggles through life to help her family, and the alterations that occur in her life after her encounter with Rannvijay. The show has Ankit Gupta and Rutuja Bajwe playing the leads.