The biggest secret of Nisha will almost be on the verge of opening up in the maha-episode of Zee TV’s Woh Apnaa Sa to be aired tonight.

Maha-Episode in Zee TV’s Woh Apna Sa to bring in a huge revelation

The Mahaepisode of Zee TV’s Woh Apnaa Sa (Alchemy Films) that will go on air later this evening will have some gripping moments and will also open up many skeletons that Nisha (Riddhi Dogra) has hidden from the family, in order to have Aditya (Ssudeep Sahir) with her.

Yes, the secret will be the ‘biggest trump card’ that Nisha possesses to have Aditya in her life!!

So what’s the secret?

In the episodes that have been aired, there has been a mention of Nisha having kidnapped a person, and Aditya being aware of it, and that he being blackmailed by her on the basis of the kidnap.

Jhanvi (Disha Parmar) and Babasa (Vikram Sahu) have been trying their best to get to the truth of the kidnap, but have been in vain.

Today’s maha episode will see the person who has been held captive by Nisha escaping from her clutches. Out in the street, the person will be trying best to reach to Aditya. However, Nisha upon knowing that the person has escaped, will try her level best to search considering that the person is her biggest weapon to keep Aditya with her.

As per sources, “There will be lot of nail-biting drama with the viewers trying to understand who the kidnapped person is, and what her relation with Nisha is. Also visuals of Jhanvi and Nisha trying to do their best to keep their intentions alive, will add up to the drama quotient.”

And at the end of the Maha episode, there will be a huge twist wherein the person who has escaped from the clutches of Nisha will bump into Jhanvi.

Will Jhanvi recognize the person? Will Jhanvi be made aware of Nisha’s motives by this person?

Above all, who is the person who had been kidnapped by Jhanvi?

Our source states, “The revelation will be huge in terms of the story telling. It will provide and take the story to a new high.”

We buzzed the actors, but they remained unavailable for the comment.

Are you all geared up for the maha episode tonight in Woh Apnaa Sa? Drop in your comments here.

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