The maha episode in the Zee TV show will be intriguing.

Maha episode with ‘Vishkanya’ drama in Zee TV’s Kaleerien

Zee TV’s daily soap Kaleerien (Triangle Films) will come up with a Maha episode this weekend wherein there will the entry of an ‘Iccha dhari Naagin’.

As reported in media, actress Pavitra Punia has been roped in to play the naagin.

The special episode will see Vivaan (Arjit Taneja) and Meera (Aditi Sharma) walking out on the road when the ‘Vishkanya’ will spot Vivaan.

Basically, the Vishakanya will want a kid who will take forward her clan and position. She will identify Vivaan as the one who can give her the kid. So she will soon shift shape into a human and will enter Vivaan’s house.

As per a credible source, “The vishkanya will befriend the step-mother of Vivaan (Shilpa Saklani) and will try to win her heart in order to get close to Vivaan.”

Will the naagin be successful in spending a night with Vivaan? Or will Meera get to know of it?

We hear that Pavitra has a one episode cameo to essay in Kaleerien and will be seen only in the Maha Episode.

We buzzed Pavitra but could not get through to her.

Watch this space for more updates.

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