Main Hoon Aparajita will see Akshay's life being in danger.

Main Hoon Aparajita: OMG!! Major threat to Akshay’s life?

Main Hoon Aparajita the Zee TV show produced by Bodhi Tree is headed for intense drama and big twists.

The present track in the show is hovering around the riots happening in Noida where the calm life of people is put at risk. In this situation, Akshay (Manav Gohil) will face a big threat to his life.

Yes, the coming track will depict how Akshay’s three daughters, will be caught amid the riots. It will so happen that Disha and Asha, will be trapped in a restaurant owing to the riots. Also joining them and getting into trouble will be Nia’s daughter too who is born to Akshay.

Akshay will get into the riots to save his daughters. It will be a very intense scene wherein Akshay will also end up being kidnapped. We hear that Aparajita (Shweta Tiwari) will go to save Akshay’s life.

We hear that major drama will be shown on how Akshay will be on the verge of losing his life in this riot scare.

Do you think Akshay will die? Or will he have a heroic attempt to save his daughters?