If the buzz is to be believed, Majaaz will be shot near the border in which he will presumably breathe his last in Star Plus’ Mariam Khan.

Majaaz to be shot dead in Mariam Khan – Reporting Live?

Star Plus’ show Mariam Khan – Reporting Live (Somersault Productions) will take a generation leap very soon!!

The show which is now showing the eagerness of a father to meet up with his daughter and bring her back to her homeland will see a huge twist coming up.

As per the plot, Majaaz (Khalid Siddiqui) has come to Pakistan after being branded as a terrorist. At Pakistan, he is trying his best to meet his daughter Mariam.

In the coming plot, Majaaz will eventually meet Mariam and will take her from Aayat’s house. He will have the intention of getting back to Bhopal. However, he will be stuck amidst a big terrorist racket where he will be forced to plant bombs at the army camp. All these forced deeds will further tarnish his image.

Meanwhile, with great difficulty, Majaaz will try to cross the border along with Mariam wherein huge drama will take place.

As per sources, “Majaaz will eventually not be able to cross the border along with Mariam. However he will ensure that Mariam is safe and has crossed the border without facing further problems.”


Yes this will be a heart-wrenching track of the father and daughter eventually parting ways again!! And Majaaz will hand over the custody of Mariam to a woman who would safeguard her to her home in Bhopal. This character of Mariam’s caretaker will be played by seasoned actress, Anju Mahendroo.

If sources are to be believed, Majaaz will be shot dead in a dramatic firing near the border.

Will this be the end of Majaaz’ tale in Mariam Khan?

We buzzed Khalid but could not get through to him for a comment.

Watch this space for more updates.


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