Mangal Lakshmi the Colors show produced by Panorama Entertainment has seen engaging drama wherein there is happiness associated with the festival of colours everywhere. For a change, Mangal (Deepika Singh) is reliving her happy childhood with colours. We saw Mangal and Lakshmi (Sanika Gaikwad) playing with colours. As we know, Mangal wanted to colour Adit (Naman Shaw) but got hesitant and reluctant.

The coming episode will see Mangal deciding to colour Adit, but getting covered in her own colour. Saumya will also mock Mangal.

The episode will also see Adit and Saumya (Jia Mustafa) stealthily moving aside, out of the venue place to colour each other and spend private time. However, Mangal will see Adit going out and will follow him with the intention of colouring him.

Eventually, Mangal will succeed in colouring Adit.

Mangal Lakshmi Ep 32 29th March Written Episode Update

Kartik put colour on Lakshmi. Gayathri and Kusum discussed that Lakshmi was a good daughter-in-law material.

How will Adit react? Will Mangal see Adit with Saumya?

Set in Delhi, ‘Mangal Lakshmi’ is a heartwarming story of love and sacrifice, capturing the journey of two sisters, who claim respect for each other. The show is produced by Suzanna Ghai’s Panorama Entertainment. Mangal is the epitome of every Indian woman who flawlessly manages her household duties while fiercely loving her family, especially her sister. Wise beyond her age, Mangal’s Lakshmi runs her father’s garment shop after the demise of her parents, deprived of affection from her extended family.