Check out Dangal TV's famous show Mann Sundar, full episode no 713, where Ruhi will finally unite with Nahar; read the article below.

Mann Sundar Full Episode No 714: Ruhi And Nahar Unite

In Dangal TV‘s popular show Mann Sundar, viewers are witnessing gripping drama with an interesting storyline. Now, the audience will see that Ruhi returns the ‘friendship band’ that Nahar gave her earlier before leaving the house as she doesn’t want to keep any relationship. After that, she lights a lamp for God and leaves the house.

However, Agni stops Ruhi at the door and asks her to give her the most important thing, the ‘Mangalsutra’ of Nahar’s name. But Ruhi refrains from giving, saying that this relationship is made by God and she can’t disrespect it. Hearing this, Agni asks Ruhi then how she can break the relationship with Nahar that God made.

Not only this, Agni also reveals that the relationship that was tied in forcefully now holds a deep meaning for Nahar, but he is unable to say that. Agni proves her statement by showing Nahar’s bloodied hand. Watching Nahar’s hand wounded, Ruhi comes running and ties a cloth to stop the bleeding. Witnessing Ruhi and Nahar’s love, Agni decides that she won’t come in between the two and that Ruhi and Nahar should continue their relationship.

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