Zee TV show Meet produced by Shashi Sumeet Productions has seen quite a lot of drama happening in the last few weeks. According to the storyline, the Ahlawat family welcomes Lord Ganesh home and also performs puja. However, post the puja gets completed, Barfi throws a challenge at Meet Hooda. She asks her to compete with Neelam and make 101 ladoos. She mentions that if Meet fails to make she won’t come to the puja. Meet Hooda accepts the challenge. Finally, Meet wins the challenge. Meet punishes Barfi by handling her the task of washing all the utensils.

Later, Meet Hooda speaks to Raj and informs him that Meet Ahlawat keeps his locker’s key in his coat, and only she and Meet Ahlawat know about it and now the thief also knows this. She plans a new trick via which she decides to find the real thief. She decides to play a game that will take her to the culprit.

Now, in the coming episode, Meet Hooda plays the game but fails to find the culprit. The family members gear up for visarjan when a guard informs Ahlawat family that bees are all around the house and they need to close all doors and windows. Meet Ahlawat goes to close the window but gets stung by a honey bee. Neelam rushes inside and removes the key from his coat to rub it on his hand. Finally, Meet learns Neelam is the real thief. She confronts her about stealing the money and decides to expose her in front of the family.

OMG! Will Meet succeed in her plan?

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