Meet the Zee TV show produced by Shashi Sumeet Productions has seen Meet Hooda’s (Ashi Singh) struggle in finding the name of the poison injected into Meet Ahlawat (Shagun Pandey) by Laila. As we know, Meet Hooda has brought Neelam from mental care and has kept her in the house. However, she has done this for a plan.

Meet Hooda plans to find out whether Neelam is faking the illness of split personality disorder or not. Meet has this strong feeling that Neelam and Laila are the same and she carries no illness.

The coming episode will see Meet Hooda teaming up with Ishaani to trap Neelam. They will give her an impression that the police has caught the person who had helped Laila in kidnapping Meet Ahlawat. Also, Meet Hooda will tell Neelam that she has got hold of the hospital waste and is certain of finding the name of the injection that Laila injected on Meet Ahlawat.

Will Neelam panic? Is Meet’s assumption of Neelam faking illness true?