Meet the Zee TV show produced by Shashi Sumeet Productions has seen Meet Hooda (Ashi Singh) taking the big risk of getting Neelam home from the hospital. She believes that Neelam is not suffering from a split personality and that both Neelam and Laila are the same. In order to prove this, she sets up a plan before Neelam. She tells Neelam that she has gotten hold of the medical waste from the hospital and that she will now find out the name of the injection given to Meet Ahlawat.

The coming episode will see Meet following her plan and setting out to check the medical waste in the deserted place. She will jump into the dustbin and will pretend to be searching. However, she will keep a watchful eye on whether she can spot Neelam there.

Neelam will literally outsmart Meet Hooda and will lock her up in the same dustbin. She will also set fire to the commodities near the bin. Slowly the fire will also near the bin.

What will happen to Meet Hooda? Will someone save her?